Sunday, February 8, 2009

Buying A Disposable Digital Camera

1. There are no annoying wires or cords.
2. No memory card involved.
3. Free picture CD is usually included with your prints on a disposable digital camera package.
4. The delete button always allows you to erase unwanted pictures on your disposable digital camera.
5. Most disposable digital cameras have 25 exposures.
6. Currently, 12 MB of internal memory is the standard on disposable digital cameras.
7. Runs in AA alkaline batteries that are always included in the disposable digital camera.
8. Contains an automatic flash.
9. A self-timer is included on most disposable digital cameras.
10. On average the cost for a disposable digital camera is between $11.00-$19.99.
11. The average cost for prints on a disposable digital camera is $11.00. This includes 25-4 x 6 prints and a picture CD.
The Downside
1. You cannot connect your disposable digital camera to your PC or MAC.
2. The photos must be developed at a retailer that provide the proper equipment for your particular brand of disposable digital camera.
3. Some disposable digital cameras have color preview screens and some don’t.
4. Disposable digital cameras are only available in limited numbers and limited locations as of now.
5. You are only able to delete the most recent photo that was taken-therefore if you take a couple pictures, you cannot go back and erase the first or second one.


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