Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fine Jewelry - How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe

Pieces of fine jewelry will definitely attract greediness, and therefore it is best to keep all your fine jewelry in a safe place. The best place to hide something is right in front of someone’s eyes, where it is very obvious. So what can you do to protect your jewelry from being taken away?
One good solution is to hide them in a hidden compartment safe, because they look like real items in the house. Books, cleaning machines, cans, and even electrical outlets are good examples of “real items” in the house.

Before you go out there and buy all those real items, make sure you buy those that you might use. When you frequently put things into a soda can, it is more likely to be ignored by intruders than the ones that are empty and produced rattling sounds when jewelry are hidden inside. If you have one that tends to rattle, make sure that you stuff tissue papers in it with your fine jewelry so as to keep it from rattling around.

So why are hidden compartment safes so effective in keeping your jewelry safe from intruders? An intrusion will usually take place in the dark, and an intruder will most probably want to rush through the process so as to avoid and detection. He or she will more likely to look through the obvious spots rather than open every book in the bookshelf, shake every pop can in the fridge, or look at every cleaning product under the sink.

The intruder will not spend his or her time on finding the hidden compartments in the house as the likelihood of them finding a hidden compartment safe among cans are very rare. That is why it is so great to use hidden compartment safes to hide your fine jewelry!


ExtraBuxStaff said...

I'm always shopping for jewelry but that leaves me with a lot of stuff that could be stolen. I wanted to buy a safe of some sort but after reading this I realized that will be a dead give away for a potential robber!

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