Friday, December 5, 2008

So Easy Christmas Shopping

Christmas time should be a time of peace and happiness...right? So why is it that it seems so darned stressful starting the day after Thanksgiving? Well it doesn't have to be.

For years I used to dread that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was the time when I had to do the dreaded Christmas shopping. Driving through what seemed like rush hour traffic to get to the malls, only to find my parking spot so far away, I might as well walked from home. Then fighting the crowds of crazy people (people who certainly seem sane the rest of the year), for that one special item the store never seems to have enough of, only to finally get to the checkout and find that the cashier is only working part time during this joyous season and hasn't really been trained on how to process my 10% off coupon that I so desperately want to use.

Maybe your shopping experiences have been different, but mine seemed to always be about the same, until the day the light bulb came on! That is the day I decided to do my Christmas shopping online.

Whoa you say! That doesn't seem very Christmaslike. Let me be the first to say that at first I was very resistant.I had always used the internet to research the things I was interested in buying, but then I would hop in the car and go to the mall and actually make the purchase. It just seemed like the thing to do.

But then one day it hit me. It was the moment that I realized how much it was actually costing me to NOT shop online. My moment came one day about fifteen years ago. I was doing my "then very slow" research to see where I could find the cheapest price for a new pillow for my bed.

I could stay home and in 15 minutes or less, I could buy my pillow and have it shipped to my house for a ton less than hopping in the car and going to get it. From that moment on, I became a super online shopper.

Now every Christmas I look for the websites that give FREE shipping around the holidays and I get my shopping done in no time at a fraction of the former cost. Now if I go to the mall, it is just so I can sit and watch the rest of the world do what I used to dread. My oh my I love Christmas shopping! I hope you save yourself some money this shopping season and enjoy it too.


Frugal Shopper said...

Online shopping is great! Not only do you get nice discounts, but the "crazy-ness" is all avoided. Sometimes I like the crazy-ness.

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