Monday, December 8, 2008

Girl's Best Friend Are Diamonds

The diamond is a sparking gemstone of brilliance and fire that has inspired and fascinated mankind throughout the ages. As seen in history, it has been a testament to the strength of kings, the magic of mystics, the courage of warriors and to the love of a worthy man to his bride-to-be.

And in these modern times, due to its popularity, value and universal appeal, it seems that women all over want their own diamond, especially when it comes in the form of an engagement ring.

Ever since the unforgettable 1947 "A diamond is forever" slogan coined by advertising agency N.W. Ayer for De Beers, a diamond trading company, men have proposed to their wives going down on one knee and presenting that solitaire diamond engagement ring.

But this tradition actually started in 1477, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. These days, the groom who does not cough up an expensive diamond engagement ring for his bride-to-be is viewed as either a cheapskate or unromantic.

What is it about the diamond that appeal to women? Men look to diamonds more for its value as either a commercial gemstone or for use in industrial applications. But for women, it seems that a diamond stands for love and romance. If Cupid would ever shoot an arrow through their heart, it better be an arrow tipped with diamonds.

Recently, diamonds have also stood for a woman's independence, as exemplified by another De Beers advertising campaign that encouraged women to wear a diamond ring on their right hand.

This emphasized veering away from traditional engagement rings that are usually worn on the left hand and implied that women did not need men to buy them diamonds, or that being engaged or married were the only reasons to wear one.

Diamond sales went up after this campaign, which got a lot of attention, as women wanted to prove their independence, financially or otherwise.

But what is it about diamonds that turn a woman on? These precious gemstones are actually just made of ordinary carbon, simpler even than other gems and minerals.

But as simple as carbon sounds, natural diamonds are probably the oldest thing you'll ever own, as it is created in a painstaking formation that takes thousands, if not millions of years.

This natural formation, along with the process and length of time to get these diamonds mined and make them into the brilliant gems that they truly are, is might be what appeals to women.

Women might also love diamonds because they re expensive.

Although diamonds are not really known for their retail value, as they have no fixed world market price per gram, it is ironic that women crave it so much because of it is expensive. What else proves a man's love than a huge credit card bill?

Women like feeling that they are pampered and spoiled, whether they buy their own diamond jewelry, or a boyfriend or husband gifts one to them. So whatever else the reason is, diamonds are certainly known to be a girl's best friend.


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