Friday, October 3, 2008

How to Find the Fashionista Star in You

Women love clothes, shoes and accessories. But despite this love for fashion, some are reluctant to express their own styles. A number of women are happy ogling at others who can strut their stylishness in the subway, in the mall and on the streets.

But if you are not contented about what you are wearing and how you look, you need to see inside yourself and find a style star within. Every woman has her own unique style and all you have to do is to tap your own and be confident in sharing your fashion sense to the world. To help you discover the fashionista in you, here are some of things you can do:
Don't Break Your Bank For A Hat
It is true that movie stars and celebrities look glamorous wearing designer clothes, bags and shoes. However, average women like us can look as glamorous and sophisticated without having to break the bank. With the soaring prices of commodities and looming financial crisis, it would be best to stick to affordable clothing that is appropriate for your body and budget. Remember, not everyone who wears signature clothes look fabulous.
In fact, you will end up a fashion victim if you don clothes with designer logos from head to toe. Besides, you don't want to end up like a walking advertisement.
Welcome The Change
One thing you need to understand is that a person is not born as a style star. Even Suri Cruise would need to discover her own style when she grows up before she can be even considered as a certified fashionista. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, the epitome of style and fashion, underwent several transformations before she can find her niche in the fashion industry.
The same is true for you. You should try several styles and not be afraid to experiment. These experimentations and changes will help you understand what you like and make you see what types of cuts, silhouette, theme and design is perfect for your body and your attitude.
Get Into A Stylish Mode
Confidence is one thing that not many women share. However, if you want to be a bona fide fashionista, you ought to be confident about yourself and about your choices. Sometimes, even if you are wearing rags and garbage bags, you can still look fabulous if you just get into the stylish and glamorous mode. Remember that people notice not only your physical looks, but the way you carry yourself too. There are many beautiful women clad in designer outfits that do not really look good and stylish because they simply do not have confidence.
Get To Know Yourself Deeper
Many people get repulsed when they see their body. However, in order to understand what is best and appropriate for you, you need to know and love your body. Come to think of it, you are stuck with your body unless you can buy a pair of Cameron Diaz legs, a Salma Hayek waistline and Barbie hips.
In order to look beautiful and sexy, you have to flaunt your assets (yes you do have assets) and hide your flaws (no matter how many you think they are). If you have small waist, accentuate it by using belts. If you have thick thighs, better wear straight cut jeans and pants. Believe it or not, even movie stars suffer from numerous imperfections; they just have fashion stylists who choose clothes and accessories for them.


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