Friday, October 3, 2008

The Benefits of CRT Television!

CRT Television use the same technology found in everything from computer monitors to watches and clocks. It uses thousands of small pixels which sit behind the Television screen. Behind these pixels there's a fluorescent white backlight. When the light hits the pixels, an electric current determines how much light is fed into one of three colored chambers, these are red, green and blue. The amount of light will then determine which color shows up on your screen, and millions of these pixels make up the image that you see on your television screen.
Firstly an LCD screen has far more pixels per square inch than a standard Television (also known as a CRT television.) This means that the image displayed on your screen is far crisper and clearer, resulting in a sharper image. Secondly, due to the LCD screen being back-lit, there will be little or no flare when the sunlight bounces on the screen surface. Apart from the obvious benefits, this also makes LCD screens easier to watch and puts less stress on the eye.
Although LCD Television's aren't quite as versatile as plasma televisions, LCD's have an added advantage of being primarily flat in shape. This means that in addition to occupying less space in your home, a widescreen LCD Television can be viewed from a wide range. LCD televisions are also so compact that a 16 inch LCD flat-screen will offer the same degree of viewable screen as a 20 inch standard television.
Although this will not be your main reason for purchasing an LCD Television, it is worth noting that most modern LCD Television's are slim and stylish. They've also been designed with the ability to wall mount in mind. This gives most owners the option to hang their LCD Television on a wall, creating more space in the room. They also normally come with a widescreen aspect ratio which basically means you can watch movies and DVDs the way they were meant to be.
One of the flaws a plasma screen will have is a risk of 'image burn'. This mainly occurs when a paused or frozen frame remains on the screen too long and the result is a ghosting image emblazoned onto the screen. Fortunately LCD's do not suffer with this problem and you have no risk of this happening to your new Television!
Finally but by no means the least important of benefits is the LCD's economics. As a rule, LCD TV's use up to 60% less power to run than both standard CRT and Plasma screen Television's! What more could you want than a crystal clear image, a clean and bright viewing area, great picture quality and even a lower energy bill in addition!
If you're looking for a new LCD Television or simply want to learn about features and options available to you.


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