Thursday, July 23, 2009

3g video mobile

Motorola and 3 have announce the arrival of their most superior 3G handset to date -- the Motorola A920. The earpiece has a full-color widescreen display designed to showcase 3's person-to-person video calling capabilities, as well as its exclusive video content.

The revolutionary Motorola A920 sets a new typical for the mobile industry and brings improved functionality to clientele of 3's video mobile network. A mobile phone, video and still camera, a PDA, an MP3 player and gaming competence have been collective into one manufactured goods.

The A920's 65,000+ color screen -- which can also hold up to 20 lines of text -- will show video comfortable, such as Barclaycard Premiership goals and the most recent film clips, with an extraordinary clarity and declaration.

The handset was together developed by 3 and Motorola, exclusively for the 3 video mobile network.

A true machinery companion, with this new handset, 3 customers will be able to:

Make real time video calls to friends, family or contemporaries via a digital, built in video camera. Great for distribution recollections or special occasion with other 3 video mobile users

View music videos, movie trailers, sports or news clips at near transmit quality

Find the nearest cafe, eating place, shops or cinema, thanks to 3's location services and the new assist Global Positioning System (AGPS) potential of the A920
Listen to music using the phone as a personal stereo with an incorporated MP3 player and a built in speaker as well as disconnect headphones

Make or receive calls at the same time as accessing 3's content areas and downloading video or audio clips

Use the phone internationally. Customers can make calls (including in North America via the tri-band operation)

The A920's full color screen is large enough for users to fully be grateful for videos, photos and video calls. It boasts a intelligibility and resolution (65,000+ colors) of better excellence than ever seen before on a mobile phone.

Although the product is crammed full of the latest machinery, it is very simple to use. The touch screen uses a stylus pen and handwriting recognition technology.

The menu system is navigated via icons on the touch screen, as well as dedicated 'hot buttons' for the most popular application such as, 'home' and '3 services '. When browsing, the 'forward' and 'back' options operate just like on a PC.

The A920 runs on a version of the open operating system, Symbian OS v7.0 and incorporates the latest pen-based user interface by UIQ. Applications can be downloaded, such as games based on Java and C++, from 3. This will allow consumers to update their handsets regularly with new applications and content.

The Motorola A920 can also double up as a separate, hand-held gaming console. Flip the phone on its side and use the console-style game controls, including a five-way navigation key to play Java-based games.

An development memory card is also available for up to 256 extra Mb of space for multimedia files. The phone also offers more basic mobile phone functionality such as text and picture messaging.

The full money-making rollout of 3 services in the UK and Italy is already underway, with further services to follow over the coming months in Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Ireland and Israel.

The Motorola A920 will be accessible in 3 outlet and from selected retail partners from September 2003


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